Why Study in Scandinavia


Imagine living in a region of the world that consistently ranks among the top 5 in sustainability, the top 10 in happiness, and the top 10 in education and human development. Picture yourself studying within the best education system, where student satisfaction is at its highest and top universities are globally recognized. It may seem like an impossible dream, but in fact, the Scandinavian region offers all of this and more.

The Scandinavian countries, including Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Estonia, have quietly achieved remarkable accomplishments in improving the quality of their societies. While other regions often boast about minor achievements, the Scandinavians focus on making substantial and lasting changes that permeate their entire culture and benefit citizens across generations.

Would you like to live in a region of the world whose countries consistently ranks among the top 5 in sustainability, the top 10 in happiness and the top 10 in education and human development? Would you like to study within the best education system with the highest student satisfaction whose top universities rank among the top 400 in the world? You may be forgiven for thinking that there is no area on this planet that that checks all of the boxes in overall quality of life and learning.

However, the Scandinavian region is in fact proven to be such a place. Who would not want to live there and study there? The region has gone under everyone’s radar simply because the peoples living there are doers and not promoters. They have accomplished much in all areas of improving the quality of their societies when most others have resorted to promoting tiny gains as if they are earth shattering. The actual earth shattering stuff – that is – stuff that pervades the entire culture and life of citizens across generations is actually being done in the Scandinavian countries. These are Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Estonia.

They have accomplished those feats because they not only have the highest possible standards for their individual behavior and performance as part of society but, most importantly, because they also attract the best people to educate themselves and contribute to that society.

They are not interested in opportunistic fibbers. They are not interested in people who want to use education as an excuse to gain entry into their country. They are not interested in people with substandard educational or vocational qualifications and achievements. This is why their vetting system for new applicants to their universities is one of the most stringent in the world. This is why when you get a placement, you truly know you are worthy of being considered a part of the best society in the world. This is why, since you consider yourself one of the best, you should really consider the Scandinavian option over every other!


25 universities in Scandinavia were given the Excellent Student Satisfaction Award in 2015 comprising of 6 in Denmark, 9 in Finland, 8 in Sweden and 3 in Norway with one university, the University of Gothenburg receiving the Outstanding International Student Satisfaction Award with a score of 9.5+!


There are over 23,000 universities in the world. That is an eye-popping number. Yet, of all these, it is acknowledged globally that for many international students, studying in Scandinavia is a life-changing, highly rewarding experience – and they are sure to receive a notable, world-class education. The four Scandinavian countries are known for their highly advanced educational systems.

University ranking systems differ widely in their parametric focus as well as their ranking logic. Therefore, in the table below, you find the top 20 universities in Scandinavia, based on most recent data provided by the major international rankings: the Times Higher Education ranking (THE), the QS University World ranking, and the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU or “Shanghai Ranking”).


The Scandinavian countries rank among the top ten with Finland being the happiest country in the world with rank 1 followed by Demark (Rank 2), Sweden (Rank 6) and Norway (Rank 7).


The Scandinavian countries, enviably, occupy the top 4 places on the SDG ranking list proving their commitment to a world where resource usage is optimized, equitable and durable.