It has been a tough, heady, rewarding journey so far...

Who we are

The Scandinavian Scholastic Center is a fully transparent and accountable overseas student placement company with its primary addresses in Helsinki, Finland, and a branch office in Sri Lanka. The organization recognizes the potential for overseas students to benefit from the world’s best education system. This system approaches education holistically, combining a range of skills to empower graduates who can effectively tackle future challenges.

This is no mean task. On the one hand, there must be forward thinking education institutes and on the other, students capable of utilizing emerging thinking to give themselves the best possible start to live in a global workforce. Scandic Scholastics is quietly proud that its stringent vetting system, its total transparency of process and its high regard in the eyes of its Scandinavian university partners for providing the crème-de-la-crème of undergraduates and researchers from Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan diaspora has enabled them to match and marry the best students to the best universities based on their skills, their interests and their goals in life.

However, it is not only placements that we provide. In our efforts towards holistic education, we look at the entire educational value chain and offer many more services related to the field as well.