Understand The Application Process

Understand The Application Process

Scandinavian universities require a specific set of information that covers everything you have done, are doing or plan to do. In that respect, while your qualifications are a priority concern, there are many other documents that you will need to submit in order to complete your application.

  1. Register as an applicant through the SSC by clicking here. While the application had many screens, you must provide the correct and evidenced information for every question that is being asked. The system automatically walks you through the process allowing you to move to the next screen only when the information in the previous screen is completed. For each screen, you will have a short video to explain how to fill it.

  2. Once your registration is completed, you will be automatically given a date for an interview. This will be short and the staff of the SSC will contact you through WhatsApp. The purpose of the interview is for clarification purposes only.

  3. The SSC will match your target degree area, skills, work experience, English proficiency and other factors with equivalent options offered by Scandinavian universities and will work with these universities to process your application and obtain a placement. During this period which usually takes 15th month, the SSC may email you with requests for further information or documents. This is because specific universities may have additional documentation requirements which are not known at the time that you first submitted your application.

  4. For each of the universities to which your application is submitted, there will be a point when they either offer you a place or reject your submission. In many instances the Scandinavian system offers discounts (such as the early bird discount), scholarships that are a percentage of the full fee, stipends etc. SSC will inform you of these benefits when they are provided.

  5. If you are offered a place at a university and you decide to accept it, you must then apply for a visa. In most Scandinavian countries, your visa will be a resident visa allowing you to engage in some form of work while you are studying. If you are a citizen of Sri Lanka, you will need to submit your visa application through the VHS system and, in some cases such as Finland, fly to India for the interview. SSC will guide you through this process so that you have minimal trouble in obtaining your entry papers to the respective Scandinavian country you have applied for.

  6. Before leaving for Scandinavia, all applicants will be given a briefing on the cultures and customs of these countries to ensure that you seamlessly integrate when you arrive.

Good luck!