Creating the enabling environment to


Who have the ability to  understand future scenarios and rationalize  solutions
Who have the strongest skill sets to face emerging situations
Who understand that transdisciplinary approaches are mandated in a sustainable world
Who want to know how to approach solutions
Who want to understand problem roots
Who want to provide sustainable solutions

How did we get here

Our organization is dedicated to a mission that focuses on improving the learning potential of students by forging connections and introducing them to new academic opportunities available in Scandinavian countries. They strive to reshape traditional teaching and learning methods, foster trust and honesty, and promote equal opportunities for all deserving children, thereby creating a more equitable society.

Established in 2019, we have collaborated extensively with Scandinavian educators, specialists, University of applied Sciences and Research Universities to develop a unique and exciting academic path for each prospective student. Through our rigorous vetting process, which emphasizes due diligence, due process, and complete transparency, we receive numerous applications each year but only select a few candidates for further consideration. This ensures that we identify students with the necessary skills and potential for success. For those who fall short, we provide clear guidance on acquiring the required skills before they can reapply. Consequently, nearly all candidates shortlisted by Scandic Scholastics are offered a place at a Scandinavian university!