Nishani Reckerman

I have been wondering when the day will come that I write this post, and the day is finally here My family and I received our RP decision and there are not enough words to say how grateful we are to SSC for the guidance and support they have given us in our journey to Finland. From applying to uni’s, to paper work, to general advice about schools etc, Mr Buddhika has been there to answer my million questions What I like most about SSC is that the process is transparent. We know what is going on and our questions are always answered Thank you to Ms.Gayani who I first got in touch with and guided me with initial information/documentation. To Mr Buddhika, who has been with me throughout this journey! And special thanks to Ms.Malsha and Ms.Amali, who were there for me when I was in “panic mode” before my interview !!! Good things are yet to come and this is just the beginning for SSC. Wish you all the best !

“To infinity, and beyond”